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State Leadership Conference
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State Leadership Conference

  1. When: SLC will start on Friday, March 22 and will end on Monday, March 25.
  2. Where: The hotel address is 6001 Destination Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32819.
  3. Why: Students will compete in their competiton at the state level in hopes of moving onto the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, TX.
Below is a list of forms that pertain to this year's State Leadership Conference.

*These forms are required to be filled out in order to attend SLC.
This form will require a notary signature.


Q: What type of clothes should I bring and when should I wear formal attire over casual attire?

A: Students will be staying in Orlando for a total of 4 days. We advise students to bring at least 4 casual outfits and 3 formal outfits. Formal outfits shall be worn to any FBLA event such as Oppening Ceremony, their competition, or a workshop. Students can arrive at the hotel wearing their casual attire, but if they have a performance event the day we arrive, we strongly suggest to come in formal attire. If an FBLA member is found not wearing formal attire to any of these events, they will be disqualified from their competiton (this includes not wearing your nametag!).

Q: How much money should I bring?

A: Bring at least $100 for food. If you plan on buying souviners, bring about $30 extra.

Q: What time will everything happen?

A:The tentative schedule is being determined. Please arrive at Middleton by 11:30AM We will be leaving campus at 12:30PM. That being said, we should arrive at the hotel anywhere between 1:30PM - 2:00PM. In addition, we will be going to Andredtti on Saturday evening. It should be noted that students will not attend every event listed in the schedule (i.e. students will not have to attend a competiton they are not competing in), so there will be plenty of down time to relax at the hotel. Because the award ceremony will run pretty late in the evening, we will not return on Sunday night, rather, it would be easier to return Monday morning. We require all of our students to regularly let their chaperone know exactly where they are. No student is allowed to leave the hotel grounds without an adult.

Q: Can I pick up my child from the hotel

A: You may pick up your child at any time as long as you are the legal parent or gaurdian and can prove so with identification. You will have to meet with the Mr. Akinrefon or a chaperone that is currently in charge of your child's safety during the trip.

Q: Should I bring my cultural/native attire?

A: No. This is a Middleton tradition, however, to keep in line with the dress code policy we will not be wearing cultural attire this year.

Q: Can I bring snacks to the hotel?

A: Yes. We encourage you bring any nonperishable food you enjoy eating.