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The Youth and You: Leading in Times of Change event is a virtual workshop presented by Middleton High School FBLA and the Corporation to Develop Communities (CDC) of Tampa. The workshop seeks to help at risk youth in Tampa to identify who they are and what they can do to be leaders in their homes, schools and neighborhoods. The workshop encourages youth to develop themselves by setting personal goals towards becoming upstanding citizens in their communities.

The workshop discusses elements of career exploration, including non-traditional education, and delves into the world of personal finance and growth. Leveraging the experiences of adult mentors and youth leaders within our Tampa Bay community, this workshop seeks to advance our youth on their road to success.

The core participants for the workshop are students and young adults from specific schools and organizations targeted by the CDC of Tampa.

Invited students to the event must be students between the ages of 16 and 24, male or female, recommended to the program by an invited teacher/mentor with those students typically being minorities. Other young adults may participate up to the event limit of 450 students. Only the invited students are eligible to receive the event completion reward. Additional rewards may be provided to non-invited participants but are not guaranteed. Invited teachers/mentors are from the following schools or organizations: