2024 National Leadership Conference

The National Leadership Conference is FBLA’s premier annual conference! Join thousands of members from across the globe. Travel to exciting destinations, experience the culture and attractions of the host city, compete against some of the top students in the country, get motivated by the featured speaker and engaging workshops, and maybe even run for national office. This high-energy conference is the culmination of your FBLA experience and one that shouldn’t be missed! With ample time to explore the host city, fun is guaranteed as your opportunities extend beyond the academic realm.

The 2024 National Leadership Conference will take place in Orlando, Florida from June 29th – July 2nd, 2024

Nationals Qualifications

  • If you or your team placed TOP 4 at the 2024 State Leadership Conference (SLC)
  • You have joined a team with open slots (adviser approval required)
  • You or your team have not placed but advanced due to the withdrawal of those who placed. (Adviser will notify you if this happens)

Below is the cost breakdown for the NLC

  • Registration and Convenience Fee – $TBA (Registration Fee to National FBLA, Food, Snacks, Water, activities, etc)
  • Hotel Room – $TBA (Reminder: You’ll be sharing the room with 3 other people)
  • Transportation – $TBA (Includes transportation to and from the hotel)
  • Total Cost: $TBA
  • Those who qualify for free/reduced lunch will only be required to pay $TBA.

Below are the deadlines for payments and forms 

  • 4/18/24 – NLC Registration Opens, Forms handed out.
  • 4/20/24 – Pre-NLC
  • 4/25/24 – Final General Meeting (NLC forms are due on this day!)
  • TBA – NLC Transportation Fee due ($TBA)
  • TBA – NLC Registration and Convenience fee due ($TBA)
  • TBA – All submissions are due for applicable events!
  • TBA – NLC Hotel Payment due ($TBA)
  • 6/29/24 – 7/2/24 – National Leadership Conference

NLC 2024 Competitive Event Tips

  • Make sure to be in professional attire during all conference events (sessions, workshops, competitions, etc.)
  • Name badges must be worn for all competitive events; if competing in a presentation event, you make take yours off for the duration of the presentation.
  • Internet may be available for certain competitions (check the event guidelines on the FBLA-PBL website). That connection may be unreliable, so ALWAYS have a backup option.
  • You MUST have a picture ID when checking in for your competition. This can be a driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, or school ID.
  • There will be cafeteria-style seating for testing events (hybrid and objective)
  • Members must bring their own devices to test on. Laptops will be supplied if needed.
  • Prize checks (that are earned at awards) will be mailed to winning competitors after NLC.

Below is a list of forms you must fill out to attend the 2024 NLC (All forms must be submitted at one time)

  • Form 1: Medical Release (MUST BE NOTARIZED)
  • Form 2: Instructional Permission Release 

Printed forms are available at the upcoming general meetings. If you are unable to come you can go to Mr. Akinrefon RM314 to pick up your forms!

See you all at the 2024 National Leadership Conference!