Pranav Bhargava – President

Hey everyone! My name is Pranav Bhargava and I’m a senior in the biomedical magnet. It is my pleasure to server as your 2023-2024 Chapter President. I cannot wait to see what Middleton FBLA achieves this year!

Jada Mount – Vice President

Hello members! I’m Jada Mount, your Middleton FBLA Vice-President. I’m very excited to meet you all and help you be successful throughout your FBLA journey!

Vihaan Gowda – VP of Member Services

Hi! My name is Vihaan Gowda and I am proud to serve as a Vice President of Member Services. Super excited to work with everyone and make some fun memories this year!

Laura Lopera – VP of Member Services

Hello everyone! My name is Laura Lopera and I am your VP of Member Services for this upcoming year! This year, I am very excited to help you stay informed on all of our events. I’m also excited to help you connect with new people!

Sonum Mittel – VP of Member Services

Hello everyone! I am Sonum Mittal your Vice President of Member Services for the upcoming year. I’m eager to ignite a spark of innovation and passion within our chapter, while also striving to open doors to new opportunities that will elevate our FBLA chapter to new heights. Together, we can shape FBLA’s future.

Navya Inampudi – VP of Community services

Hey everyone! My name is Navya Inampudi and I’m so excited to be your VP of Community Service this school year. I can’t wait to participate in all the volunteer events we offer and possibly discuss a shared love for Alfredo Pasta with you all!

Krisha Chandran- VP of Community services Apprentice

Hello everyone! My name is Krisha and I am your VP of community service for the upcoming year! I’m excited to collaborate with business leaders and bring our FBLA chapter to more success!

Chairah Payne – Secretary

Hi! My name is Chairah Payne, I’ve been in FBLA for over 2 years and I am really excited to continue serving our members as there Secretary! I try my best to work with our members at a personal level to achieve success to make sure all voices are heard!

Landon Baird – Secretary Apprentice

Hello, FBLA, This is Landon Baird. I will be serving as your secretary apprentice. I’m here to help you succeed in all your FBLA endeavors. I look forward to working with all of you and making this year one to remember.

Pranava Manthena – Treasurer

Hello! My name is Pranava. I am the Middleton FBLA Treasurer. I am a rising junior, and my current favorite song is “Around Me” by Metro Boomin. I’m excited to work with all the new members this year!

Eeshan Sakamuri – Historian

My name is Eeshan Sakamuri. I’m a sophomore in the CSIT program. I am excited for the fun experiences we have planned this year.

Anjali Arun – Reporter

Hi, my name is Anjali Arun (though many of you might just know me as AJ) and I am delighted to be your 2023-2024 Middleton Reporter. Let’s make it a memorable year for us all!

Peter Reviere – Webmaster

Hello everyone! My name is Peter Reviere, and I am the Webmaster for Middleton FBLA this year. I am a sophomore in the CSIT Magnet program. I can’t wait to start this year at Middleton High school!

Viraj Sonawane – Parliamentarian

I am Viraj Sonawane, proud to serve as the Parliamentarian of Middleton’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). I am ongoing freshmen in the CSIT program of Middleton High School. I commit to fostering success within our chapter, dedicated to facilitating collaboration, promoting effective communication, and ensuring that Middleton FBLA thrives in its pursuit of excellence.

Vinesh Jarajapu – State President

Hi! I’m Vinesh Jarajapu, the Florida FBLA State President. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish in the year to come!