Pranav Bhargava – President

Hey everyone! My name is Pranav Bhargava and I’m a senior in the biomedical magnet. It is my pleasure to server as your 2023-2024 Chapter President. I cannot wait to see what Middleton FBLA achieves this year!

Jada Mount – Vice President

Hello members! I’m Jada Mount, your Middleton FBLA Vice-President. I’m very excited to meet you all and help you be successful throughout your FBLA journey!

Vihaan Gowda – VP of Member Services

Hi! My name is Vihaan Gowda and I am proud to serve as a Vice President of Member Services. Super excited to work with everyone and make some fun memories this year!

Laura Lopera – VP of Member Services

Hello everyone! My name is Laura Lopera and I am your VP of Member Services for this upcoming year! This year, I am very excited to help you stay informed on all of our events. I’m also excited to help you connect with new people!

Navya Inampudi – VP of Community services

Hey everyone! My name is Navya Inampudi and I’m so excited to be your VP of Community Service this school year. I can’t wait to participate in all the volunteer events we offer and possibly discuss a shared love for Alfredo Pasta with you all!

Chairah Payne – Secretary

Hi! My name is Chairah Payne, I’ve been in FBLA for over 2 years and I am really excited to continue serving our members as there Secretary! I try my best to work with our members at a personal level to achieve success to make sure all voices are heard!

Pranava Manthena – Treasurer

Hello! My name is Pranava. I am the Middleton FBLA Treasurer. I am a rising junior, and my current favorite song is “Around Me” by Metro Boomin. I’m excited to work with all the new members this year!

Eeshan Sakamuri – Historian

My name is Eeshan Sakamuri. I’m a sophomore in the CSIT program. I am excited for the fun experiences we have planned this year.

Anjali Arun – Reporter

Hi, my name is Anjali Arun (though many of you might just know me as AJ) and I am delighted to be your 2023-2024 Middleton Reporter. Let’s make it a memorable year for us all!

Peter Reviere – Webmaster

Hello everyone! My name is Peter Reviere, and I am the Webmaster for Middleton FBLA this year. I am a sophomore in the CSIT Magnet program. I can’t wait to start this year at Middleton High school!

Suchi Patel – Parliamentarian

My name is Suchi Patel and I am your parliamentarian. I’m honored to serve our members and ensure that your voice is heard using parliamentary procedure. I’m eager to assist and be of help anywhere I can do you can have an exceptional FBLA experience.

Vinesh Jarajapu – State President

Hi! I’m Vinesh Jarajapu, the Florida FBLA State President. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish in the year to come!