2024 Florida State Leadership Conference

The Florida State Leadership Conference (SLC) brings members together to connect and experience FBLA at a higher level. All members must place at the district or region level to qualify for state-level competitions. The purpose of SLC is to elect State Officers, conduct state chapter business, offer leadership opportunities, allow for career development training, and, for some states, administer competitions to determine who will represent the state at the NLC.

The 2024 Florida State Leadership Conference will take place in Orlando, Florida from March 15th – March 18th, 2024

States Qualifications

  • If you or your team placed TOP 4 at the 2024 District 9 Leadership Conference (DLC)
  • You have joined a team with open slots (adviser approval required)
  • You or your team have not placed but advanced due to the withdrawal of those who placed. (Adviser will notify you if this happens)

Below is the cost breakdown for the SLC

  • Registration – $80 (Registration Fee to Florida FBLA)
  • Hotel Room – $182 (Reminder: You’ll be sharing the room with 3 other people)
  • Convenience – $163 (Includes transportation to and from the hotel, Food, Snacks, Water, activities, etc)
  • Total Cost: $425
  • Those who qualify for free/reduced lunch will only be required to pay $125.

Below are the deadlines and dates for SLC

  • 1/24/24 – SLC Meeting (After DLC awards), forms handed out
  • 2/1/24 – SLC Registration fee due ($80).
  • 2/3/24 – Pre-SLC
  • 2/8/24 – All submissions are due for applicable events!
  • 2/8/24 – SLC Forms due
  • 2/8/24 – SLC Hotel Payment due ($182)
  • 2/15/24 – SLC Convenience fee due ($163)
  • 2/22/24 – SLC Rooms must be finalized
  • 3/15/24 – 3/18/24 – State Leadership Conference

SLC 2024 Competitive Event Tips

  • Make sure to be in professional attire during all conference events (sessions, workshops, competitions, etc.)
  • Name badges must be worn for all competitive events; if competing in a presentation event, you make take yours off for the duration of the presentation.
  • Internet may be available for certain competitions (check the event guidelines on the FBLA-PBL website). That connection may be unreliable, so ALWAYS have a backup option.
  • You MUST bring 1-2 pencils to Objective testing
  • Laptops are supplied for presentation events.

Below is a list of forms you must fill out to attend the 2024 SLC (All forms must be submitted at one time)

  • Form 1: Medical Release (MUST BE NOTARIZED)
  • Form 2: Delegate Conduct Practices and procedures
  • Form 3: Teacher notification of school sponsored activities

Printed forms are available at the upcoming general meetings. If you are unable to come you can go to Mr. Akinrefon RM314 to pick up your forms!

See you all at the 2024 Florida State Leadership Conference!