Presides over all FBLA meetings and events, actively engaging with chapter members and members of the community. The office of President requires commitment and responsibility, as the officer team may look to you in times of doubt. Has the job of leading organization and officers, making sure that the program of work is created and followed, and continues to act as a source of innovation to provide new and beneficial changes to the organization’s procedures. The president shall act as a communicator between the district, state, and national level, providing Middleton FBLA with the most up to date resources and information. High communication skills and organizational skills are necessary.

Vice President

Assisting the officer team in any way possible, The Vice President should be well versed with Middleton FBLA, making sure they are as acclimated into the organization as possible. While acting in the absence of the president, also making decision that will better the organization, and set the following years up for success. The vice president us also responsible for Remind postings and insuring all chapter submissions for the state and national office are complete. High communication skills and organizational skills are necessary.


The secretary not only participates in the goal and vision setting of the club but acts as the support and intermediary between the officer team and members. The secretary takes meeting notes, helps prepare agenda and keep track of the conversation. The secretary also plays a vital role in the logistics and operations of the club as well as communication of deadlines and dates. He/she may be in charge or rooming, itinerary setting, bussing and running the logistics of the chapter when attending conferences. Skills in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are necessary.


The Treasurer writes check stubs for all check payments, keeps track of fundraising, and organizes the spreadsheets for membership dues. The treasurer will have the job of minimizing costs, and effectively allocating funds to their proper and respective needs. Skills in Excel are necessary.


The role of the Historian involves documenting the success of MHS FBLA and its members through social media and in various formats. The duties of the Historian include, but are not limited to: taking photos, capturing videos, uploading these moments to MHS FBLA’s Google Drive account, making posts on our various social media platforms and collecting moments that the members experience. In addition to capturing new moments, the Historian has to be able to recall our local chapter’s history and the history of FBLA upon request. Essentially, the Historian is responsible for capturing and being able to explain the culture, success and events (from the past and present) of MHS FBLA throughout their term. Must be able to attend all FBLA related events.


Has the responsibility of bridging the gap between parents, members, and the organization through communication involving remind, email newsletter, and the Middleton FBLA website calendar. Works closely with the historian and webmaster to keep an updated social media following. By creating very detailed monthly newsletters, the reporter gives parents a deeper insight as to what the organization is doing and details on any new or upcoming activities/opportunities.


Keeping order and maintaining smooth chapter activities are the main roles of the parliamentarian. Besides this, the FBLA Local Parliamentarian assists all chapter officers with their responsibilities. This position must be filled by one who is thorough in the FBLA bylaws and ready to lend a helping hand to all officers and members. Must have good written communication/writing skills.

Office of Member Services

The duty of the office of Member Services is to serve as a bridge between the members and the officers. The role consists of providing sources for members and communicating Middleton FBLA’s objectives/goals during the year. You are responsible for actively seeking out members who need assistance and collaborating with the officer team to meet the needs of all members. In addition to these duties, the Office of Members Services will provide any other type of assistance as needed to. They will also have the responsibility of performing various other duties assigned to them by the advisor that may be simply be for the benefit of the club and the members.

VP Community Service

The VP of Community Service acts as a liaison between local Chapter and service organizations (i.e. Metropolitan Ministries, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, March of Dimes and Habitat for Humanity) to create lasting bonds for future activities/events. Must be able to communicate with the PTSA, school, and community to help plan and organize the Chapter’s service activities and events. The VP will lead the Community Service Report for the chapter.


The Webmaster’s role is to handle all the information on the website (i.e. Conferences information and forms, event selectors, membership and officer forms). They update it on a regular basis with all necessary information to keep members up to date. Additionally, the Webmaster works with the System Administrator to manage the database system and backends. Fluency in HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, and WordPress is a must.

The 2023-2024 Officer Applications are now closed. Please contact an officer on Telegram for more information.